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Selection Profile


The Neuhaus Instructor is responsible for facilitating professional learning by fulfilling objectives of class and preparing 
participants to deliver instruction.  He/She works closely with the Vice President of Professional 

Learning and the instructional team to prepare and present Neuhaus curriculum. The ideal instructor is a seasoned leader with demonstrated success in presenting to adult learners. He/She has one (1) or more years of experience using structured literacy instruction or one (1) or more years coaching Neuhaus instruction.

•     Prepare presentations & materials for instruction

•     Coordinate set up of training site & technology to support instruction
•     Present information in an engaging manner
•     Interact with participants to maximize their learning experience
•     Maintain contact with district leaders and designated site coordinator
•     Complete reporting of training outcomes
•     Communicate with supervisor and staff
•     Arrange travel and submit receipts in accordance with Neuhaus travel policy
•     Exhibit a “whatever it takes” attitude toward business opportunities and approach problems with curiosity and an open mind to generate
       innovative ideas, solutions, and opportunities


•     Deliver professional development – approx. 75 % of time/travel will be required
          A.    Teach best practices incorporating current research based on established standards
          B.    Provide leadership to affect change within educational settings by collaborating, coaching, and consulting with teachers,
                 therapists, and administrators
•     Coordinate with planning and providing instructional services – approx. 20% of the time
          A.    Maintain high presentation standards
          B.    Maintain high quality of instructional materials
          C.    Deliver services efficiently and effectively
•     Work collaboratively with organization staff – approx. 5 % of the time
          A.    Communicate with Projects Coordinator and staff
          B.    Assist the VP of Professional Learning in the development and implementation of special projects connected with the curricula
          C.    Assist the VP of Academic Planning and Research
          D.    Assist Development & Marketing Team
          E.    Assist the Accounting Department



•     M.Ed. or similar preferred
•     Qualified Instructor or Certified Academic Language Therapist preferred
•     At a minimum, CALP or Structured Literacy Teacher
•     Completed a minimum of 40 hours of Neuhaus classes
•     Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Must be effective in presentation.
•     Proven leadership ability and a team player. Frequent face-to-face discussion with individuals, frequent electronic mail, public speaking,
       and telephone conversation.

•     Must be passionate about structured literacy education




•     Embodies Organizational Image:  Supports and actively promotes the organization. Positively reflects the organization’s core values
       internally and externally. Lives the organization’s values on a 
day-to-day basis.
•     Communicates Articulately: Ability to speak clearly and concisely, and demonstrate skill in using expressiveness to convey important points
       in verbal communications.
•     Listens Actively:  Actively listens to others’ questions, concerns, and input. Takes time to understand the points being made. Asks questions
      as appropriate and clarifies understanding.
•     Persuades and Influences:  Able to persuade others to take a course of action; is assertive and presents compelling rationale to gain
•     Develops and Maintains Relationships: Works to build and maintain relationships with individuals or organizations to achieve business goals.        Leverages informal networks and regularly keeps up with contacts
•     Builds Collaboration:  Builds collaboration by establishing, communicating, and reinforcing shared values and norms. Invites and builds
      upon the ideas and contributions of others, promoting teamwork and
•     Seizes Opportunities:  Is proactive and takes initiative and ownership for success. Anticipates potential obstacles. Does not wait to be told what to
        do. Exhibits a bias towards action. Has the ability to work independently for extended periods with minimal support.
•     Strives for Success: Driven to attain organizational goals and accepts challenging assignments.
•     Gains Buy-In: Explores alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that gain the support and acceptance of all parties.



Neuhaus Education Center (NEC) is a nonprofit foundation that was established in 1980 and is dedicated to providing professional development for educators in research-based methods of literacy instruction.  Neuhaus Education Center provides a structured, sequential, and explicit approach to teaching the basic language skills of reading, writing, and spelling, an approach that is valuable for all students and essential for those with dyslexia.  In addition, Neuhaus Education Center is a resource for parental consultation and for adults seeking literacy education.


Selection Profile

Neuhaus will provide guidance about delivering the content of lectures and use of presentation equipment. Instructors are responsible for effectively delivering lectures, having necessary materials, encouraging participant engagement, providing additional explanations, answering questions, and providing feedback.  Instructional coaching duties include collecting assessment data, providing onsite observation and coaching to teachers local to the Houston area and beyond, and completing observation forms. Assignments and duties may change based upon the Center’s needs.


To apply for this position, please send cover letter, including salary history, and resume to Neuhaus HR, at  Currently Accepting Resumes and Vitae.



It is the policy of Neuhaus Education Center to provide equal opportunity for all applicants for employment without discrimination because of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran’s status, or other legally protected status.