Literacy Certification Pathways

Structured Literacy Instruction Professional Development Aligned with the Science of Reading

Neuhaus Education Center provides a continuum of reading instruction classes for educators and programs based on a multi-tiered model of instruction. Offerings include programs for those who wish to be school campus literacy leaders and those who want to be therapists working with individuals with dyslexia and related reading disorders. 

Three-Tiered Instruction  

Tiered instruction and intervention are essential for early identification and support of students with learning difficulties.   

  • Tier 1 is described here as core instruction, which is effective for 80% of students; 
  • Tier 2 is instruction targeted to the 15% of students who are struggling with literacy; and  
  • Tier 3 is an intensive intervention for the 5% of students with serious reading disabilities. 

Neuhaus Tiered Literacy Instruction

Neuhaus offers professional development that prepares literacy leaders for all tiers of literacy instruction. 

We know that a knowledgeable teacher is the most important influence on students’ reading development inside a school. General classroom educators take Neuhaus classes to gain the basic knowledge they need to get reading instruction right the first time.

Classes at Neuhaus also prepare teachers for Tier 2 instruction, the instruction that some students need to get back on track if they have fallen behind. 

Neuhaus Education Center’s Tier III program provides extensive coursework and supervised practica leading to therapists’ certification for educators working with individuals with dyslexia and other related reading difficulties.

Online Certification Preparation for Dyslexia Specialists (OCPDS)

OCPDS is accredited by the International Dyslexia Association as an IDA Accredited Plus Program. OCPDS maintains the high standards of this organization and keeps the Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS) at the forefront of teacher preparation.

Specialist Preparation Program (SPP)