Literacy Interventionist Preparation

We believe that students need a thorough understanding of the structure of language, strategic thinking, and vocabulary to learn to be critical and efficient readers and writers. The Literacy Interventionist Preparation is a guided online preparation that gives teachers the knowledge and strategies to teach students who need tier 2 and tier 3 reading and writing instruction. The coursework and practicum in this program aligns with the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. Upon completion of the program of study and receipt of a certificate from Neuhaus, participants can take the Center for Effective Reading Instruction exam and apply for certification through International Dyslexia Association for certification as a Dyslexia Interventionist (Tier 3, Level 1 Certification). Dyslexia interventionists must work with students under the guidance of dyslexia therapists.

To serve you better, we are currently revising and extending our Literacy Interventionist Preparation Program and preparing for the renewal of our accreditation. Our next cohort is planned for January 2021. The deadline for registration will be December 21, 2020. The interview and application process will start later this year in October 2020. Please email Dr. Barb Conway,, to join our interested candidate list.

Literacy Interventionist Preparation Syllabus
Literacy Interventionist Preparation Application

Candidates must send a completed application and schedule an interview through the receptionist at Neuhaus - 713-664-7676

Wondering what the Literacy Interventionist Preparation Program is?

The Neuhaus Literacy Interventionist Program is aligned with the Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading developed by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and is accredited by IDA.

Upon completion of the program and after passing the IDA exam, you will be recommended as an applicant for IDA certification as a dyslexia interventionist.


Course Work               72 hours

Class Meetings            15 hours

Guided Studies (3)      15 hours

Teaching (practicum)   85 hours

Teaching experience is accumulated in 1-2 teaching situations that meet 4 days/week 50 minutes/day or its equivalent. A teaching situation is defined as an individual with dyslexia or a related reading disorder and/or small group of individuals with the same. Teaching through a year of Language Enrichment, utilization of Scientific Spelling, and demonstrations of comprehension and writing strategies are required.

Demonstrations           5 videos

Five complete lessons including Language Enrichment, Spelling, Comprehension, and Writing are presented in video format and submitted at intervals across the LE Curriculum. Feedback on demonstration lessons is required before planning and teaching the next lesson.

Mastery Checks/Progress Reports

Mastery Checks are administered at strategic points in the instruction and submitted with demonstration lessons and plans. A teacher must demonstrate student progress to fulfill the requirements for recommendation. These reports should reflect total teaching hours at the time of submission.

Book or Journal Article Reports (2)

Two brief (approximately 2 page) summaries on current research in reading and/or writing are submitted to the instructor.