Virtual Learning

Not Near Houston, Texas?

Neuhaus Education Center classes are available across the city, state, and country via interactive Virtual Learning (VL). VL provides live instruction to participants at your teleconference-capable site, allowing your teachers to interact with our instructors as if they shared a classroom at Neuhaus. Neuhaus has utilized virtual learning technology since 1997 to serve educators throughout the state of Texas and across the nation.

What classes are available via VL?

Most Neuhaus classes are available via VL.
Language Enrichment requires trained facilitators.
Basic Language Skills is not available via VL.

What is necessary for a class via VL?

Computer and/or teleconferencing equipment is required.
  • Please check with your organization's technology specialists for availability.
  • Texas schools and districts may also utilize their Regional Education Service Center.
  • A test call must be scheduled prior to the first class day.
  • Language Enrichment requires facilitators at your site who have previously trained in the curricula.

How do I arrange for classes via VL?

To schedule classes via VL, contact Neuhaus at 713-664-7676,

For technical requirements, contact

What kind of connection is made?

  • Our preferred method of connection is
  • supports web browsers, h.323 room systems, and Microsoft Lync/Skype

What are the costs of a class via VL?

Costs include:

  • Published class fees and material shipping costs*
  • Technology fee:
    • half-day class — $30*/day
    • full-day class — $50*/day
*(prices are subject to change without notice)