Academia Neuhaus: más allá de la página

diciembre 13, 2023 11:07 am

In Neuhaus Academy: Beyond the Page, participants:

1) Preview online lessons for adolescent and adult learners that introduce multisyllabic words found in literature and textbooks;
2) Learn activities that increase learners’ world and cultural knowledge to enrich critical and analytical reading; and
3) Engage in project-based learning.

Neuhaus Academy: Beyond the Page introduces the online lessons of the Neuhaus Academy Learning Platform as well as offline activities and project-based learning. Use of this online and offline instruction increases knowledge of the orthographic and morphological patterns in multisyllabic words, aiding pronunciation and comprehension, as well as increasing world and cultural knowledge, enriching critical and analytical reading.

Grade 4-12+ Teachers

6 horas

Standards Alignment for Neuhaus Academy: Beyond the Page