Homeschool Resource Guide

Where Literacy Takes Root

Together we can transform the family tree through literacy. For over 40 years, Neuhaus Education Center has been a proven resource in the science of reading by providing evidence-based training and support to teachers, families, and adult learners.

Learn more about our educational resources and classes for homeschool families perfect for all young scholars, including those with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

PRESCHOOL Unlike language, learning to read does not come naturally. 

Children need evidence-based instruction to achieve reading success.


Reading is the foundation for all other school subjects. 34% of fourth graders are not reading on grade level. 


Mastery of reading by third grade is critical to a child’s academic career.


Family Support 

Our Family Support Office coordinators
offer guidance to parents seeking assistance,
resources, and instruction for their children.


Neuhaus offers virtual and on-demand
classes that fit your schedule.

Neuhaus Academy 

Web-based vocabulary lessons from
adolescent to adult learners.

Seminars & Events 

We host a variety of informational sessions and events that address the unique needs of your children. View upcoming seminars and events here.