Additional Materials

Sources for additional materials used in Neuhaus classes
Abecedarian's website offers upper and lower case plastic letters in English and Spanish, and alphabet strips in two sizes. MTS Publications offers the Pals, Tracks, and Wishes readers.
Educators Publishing Service offers the Initial Reading Deck and the Missing Letter Deck; they are listed under Learning Differences > Dyslexia & Orton-Gillingham > Alphabetic Phonics
The Subway Stamp Shop offers Manilla pocket charts or Sound Cards under "Stock pages."
Package of 100 - Item # ZMN714RB
Package of 10 - Item # ZMN714RBX
Six-Way Paragraphs Middle by Walter Pauk.  Six-Way Paragraphs, a three-level series, teaches the basic skills necessary for reading factual material through the use of the following six types of questions: subject matter, main idea, supporting details, conclusions, clarifying devices, and vocabulary in context.
Brooks Publishing offers the Multisensory Teaching of Basic Languages Skills Textbook and the Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills Activity Book.