Preparación para la lectura: 1 día

septiembre 17, 2021 21:18

En Preparación para la lectura, los participantes aprenden:

1) The critical skills necessary to become fluent readers and accurate spellers;
2) Hands-on, multisensory activities to teach and reinforce these skills;
3) Strategies for building instant recognition of words with reliable and unexpected pronunciations; and
4) The importance of explicit and systematic handwriting instruction to spelling and writing.

Reading Readiness is a daily instructional framework based on the tenets of structured literacy that explicitly and systematically teaches the foundational components of literacy that lead to skilled reading. Reading Readiness includes instruction in letter recognition and phonological awareness (the foundational components of sound-symbol correspondences, which is the basis of decoding) and oral language (the basis of language comprehension).

Kindergarten Teachers

6 horas

Standards Alignments for Reading Readiness

Tomando Clases Virtuales y Requisitos Técnicos