The Neuhaus Approach: Teaching. Reading. Reaching

The Neuhaus Approach: Teaching. Reading. Reaching

marzo 14, 2024 2:05 pm

Teachers know all too well what lies ahead for students who struggle with reading. The challenge is to get effective solutions into the classroom before defeating frustrations set in and precious time is lost. 

If you want to increase opportunities for professional development for teachers and apply research-based methods that help all students achieve skilled reading and attain individual literacy goals, why not choose Neuhaus Education Center? Our team has trained nearly 100,000 educators in effective literacy strategies in the science of reading that elevate teacher success and benefit all readers. 

Importance of Professional Development Opportunities for Educators

Encouraging teachers to pursue professional development is crucial in education administration. This is because doing so will guarantee the best literacy outcomes for adults and young learners, increasing their effectiveness and job satisfaction in various other areas.

There are several other advantages for educators who are working on developing effective literacy strategies or solutions:

  • Through professional development, educators can learn new teaching tactics that help them adapt their curricula and lecture styles in the classroom to meet their students’ requirements better.
  • Investing in professional development for teachers serves to bolster their morale and gives them the tools they need to advance in their careers. It’s well known that professional development drives instructors to approach their work with greater professionalism and equips them with additional skills for day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Professional development for teachers fosters the abilities of educators who hope to hold leadership roles in the field of education and they absorb knowledge from more seasoned leaders to become successful ones in the future.
  • Teachers can connect with and acquire knowledge from other professionals in their respective sectors through various professional development courses
  • Teachers can strengthen their bond with the profession through creative, cutting-edge coursework and close any skill gaps.
  • Through professional development, educators can stay current on the latest findings in cognitive development, teaching, and learning.
  • Allocating resources toward the professional development of your educators is a prudent investment that promises substantial returns for the enrichment of your school’s curriculum.

Why Choose the Neuhaus Approach for Professional Development

With literacy as the cornerstone of lifelong learning, Neuhaus Education Center equips teachers to be diagnostic and prescriptive in recognizing student literacy needs by understanding the research behind the science of reading and implementation of structured literacy practices, and how best to utilize the resources their district makes available to them.  

When reading intervention is required to get a student back on track, Neuhaus Education Center provides teachers with knowledge about why students are struggling and how to reach them, providing multiple professional development courses that describe what foundational reading skills should be taught in reading instruction and why they should be taught. In addition, our accompanying curriculum and materials are a model for how the science of reading research could be applied in the classroom. Our curriculum is and should be supplemental to any core, basal reading program used in the general education classroom, and is also appropriate and applicable to serve as the sole resource in intervention group settings. 

In addition to teacher-focused training, Neuhaus Education Center works with school leadership and districts to design measurable literacy strategies for self-sustaining success. Our research-based resources are tailored to a school system’s needs for strengthening its inventory of learning tools, adding valuable knowledge for achieving literacy goals across each grade level. 

It is our intentional investment in reading success that ensures Alfabetización para Todos. 

At Neuhaus Education Center, we believe that the most important facet of reading instruction is an effective and knowledgeable teacher. Connect with us to understand how we can bring more professional development opportunities to your school or district.