Our Founders

Betty Neuhaus 
Betty Neuhaus and her husband Oscar were instrumental in founding the Houston Branch of The Orton Dyslexia Society. When friends asked Betty how they could memorialize Oscar after his untimely death, she said, “With a teacher training center!” She was a dedicated Board member and Lifetime Trustee. †
Fredda Parker 
Fredda Parker, one of the Center’s three Founding Teachers, later served as Board President, Board member, and Lifetime Trustee. A teacher of students with dyslexia, Fredda shared the Center’s successful approach to instruction with many teachers, including Suzanne Carreker, who was a new teacher at Briarwood School in the late 1970’s. †
Lenox Reed 
Lenox Reed, Founding Director, led the Center for over 20 years. Her name is synonymous with that of Neuhaus Education Center. She continues to remain a vital part of the Center, serving as Advisory Board member and Consultant. Much of the Center’s success, including financial stability, is owed to Lenox’s vision, wisdom, dedication, and vitality.
Marilyn Beckwith  
Marilyn Beckwith is one of the Center’s three Founding Teachers. She served as Associate Director, Board Member, and Lifetime Trustee. After moving to Wimberley, Texas, in 1986, Marilyn taught students with dyslexia for 16 years and continues to direct teachers and schools to Neuhaus Education Center and its services. †
Virginia McFarland 
Virginia McFarland, award-winning community volunteer, helped Oscar and Betty Neuhaus and others found the local branch of The Orton Dyslexia Society. Along with other friends of Oscar, she helped found Neuhaus Education Center in his memory. Virginia continued to contribute her expertise, vision, and encouragement as only she could give. †
Nancy Collie 
Nancy Collie was the first President of the Board of Trustees and first Chairman of the Board. Nancy guided the Center on board development, financial stability, and policies and procedures, ensuring that high standards of excellence were established and maintained. The Center’s Collie Library is named for Nancy and her husband, Marvin. †
Virginia Noel 
Virginia Noel, first female attorney at Baker Botts, was a driving force in the establishment of the Center. Virginia helped to write the charter and by-laws and obtain the foundation’s non-profit status. Virginia enthusiastically raised funds, advised and encouraged the new staff, and passionately promoted the Center to her many friends. †
† deceased