Online Certification Program for Dyslexia Specialists (OCPDS)

OCPDS is accredited by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) as an IDA Accredited Plus Program. OCPDS maintains the high standards of IDA and keeps the Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS) at the forefront of teacher preparation.

Program Overview

The OCPDS program uses Neuhaus’ structured literacy curriculum, Concepts in Literacy, which is systematic, sequential, and comprehensive. Based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, the curriculum uses multisensory activities to teach phonological awareness, decoding, spelling, writing, and comprehension.

The OCPDS program is based on the science of reading and includes current and seminal research to inform best practices of literacy instruction. The program provides educators with the preparation and knowledge to provide intervention for students specifically identified with dyslexia or students who demonstrate reading and spelling challenges.

Each OCPDS specialist in training will be guided by a Neuhaus instructor throughout all phases of instruction. Each OCPDS specialist in training will be guided by a Neuhaus mentor to answer questions, offer support, and provide individualized feedback and guidance on all assignments.  


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Program Expectations

Instruction is presented in three phases over twelve (12) months.

  • Phase 1: Weeks 1-10
  • Phase 2: Weeks 11-13
  • Phase 3: Weeks 14-16

Throughout the 16-weeks of coursework, participants will:

  • Attend synchronous (live) virtual classes
  • Plan and present a variety of lesson components
  • Plan and present a full Concepts in Literacy lesson
  • Complete asynchronous (self-paced) modules with quizzes and assignments

Weekly time commitment is 8-10 hours during phases of instruction. Assignments extending beyond the 16-weeks include:

  • 3 book reports
  • 5 self-guided studies
  • 150 documented hours with students
  • 8 demonstration videos

Participants have 24 months to complete the OCPDS Program.