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The Family Support Office hosts a free information presentation on reading challenges, especially dyslexia, multisensory, research-based instruction, and the Texas dyslexia legislation.

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Dysgraphia Is More Than Messy Handwriting

Although dysgraphia has always been identified as a “related disorder” in the Texas Education Code it is still fairly recent in its recognition as a learning difficulty. This seminar for parents will address various aspects of dysgraphia, including definition, related terminology, how it relates to dyslexia, and considerations for instruction.

College Panel 2021

Consisting of current college students who have diagnosed learning differences, College Panel features students sharing information about their colleges, programs available at their schools, and their strategies for success.

Tips for Virtual Learning Success

Distance learning can be difficult for schools, educators, parents, and students alike. The need for strong executive functioning skills in order for children to find success can be difficult for kids with learning differences.

College Share: Synergy of Technology & Dyslexia

Amir Bar shares his experience using technology to learn more effectively in college and to define his career. He also includes technology resources that students with dyslexia can leverage to achieve their academic potential.

Pandemonium and a Pandemic

Dr. Michelle Beard, Houston psychologist, discusses a framework for understanding anxiety, ways to create stability for yourself and your children, tools to manage anxiety and worry, and how to know when it is time to seek help.