Family Support Events

Home is where literacy takes root, and when a child struggles with reading, the search for answers and specialists trained in detecting learning differences can be difficult and intimidating. The Neuhaus Family Support Office (FSO) resources and referral services provide families with a welcome first step in unlocking a path to reading success. Each year, FSO offers a variety of parent seminars that address the unique needs of your children, ranging from elementary to college.  

Virtual Monthly Information Session

This repeating virtual presentation includes information on reading challenges, including dyslexia, multisensory, research-based instruction, and the Texas dyslexia legislation. Presentation also includes resources available at Neuhaus and within the Houston-area community.  Parents, educators, and other professionals can benefit from these presentations. 

Due to the personal nature of the Q&A portion of this presentation, the monthly information presentations will not be recorded. Please make sure you are available to attend the day and time of the selected presentation.

Dyslexia 101

Understand how and why some people struggle with learning to read, which of these people might be considered dyslexic, and what kind of reading instruction is essential to their learning.

Dyslexia 201

Participants will have hands-on experience learning key vocabulary and procedures typical of a structured literacy lesson for a student with dyslexia. This session is open to any interested audience and those who want to understand their child’s experience in dyslexia therapy.

Virtual Dyslexia Simulation

Students with dyslexia frequently experience feelings of anxiety, frustration, and failure. This simulation guides you through reading and handwriting activities in a way that allows you to experience a sense of the struggles and frustration that students with learning differences often face. Understanding the difficulties that students face can help us provide more effective support.

College Share

Bring your high school-aged scholar! College Share gives college-bound students the opportunity to hear success stories from peers who have achieved higher-education goals despite having learning differences. It’s a hopeful and inspiring resource that encourages both students and their families.

This information is especially relevant for high school junior and seniors, as well as their parents and school staff that support them. 

College Panel

For more than 20 years, Neuhaus Education Center, The Briarwood School, and the Houston Branch of The International Dyslexia Association (HBIDA) have hosted College Panel, an annual event where high school students have the opportunity to hear directly from current college students about how to successfully navigate college with learning differences. These students will share information about their colleges, programs available at their schools, and their strategies for success.

This panel is an inspiration for freshmen and sophomores and a necessity for juniors and seniors in high school who are planning to attend college.