Adult Classes

The Margaret H. Ley Adult Literacy Program offers evening continuing education classes for adults 18* and older in the spring and the fall at Neuhaus Education Center. Our goal is to maximize the reading, spelling, and comprehension skills of our enrolled students by providing evidence-based reading instruction to the adult learner:  

  • Alphabetics: phonemic awareness, the six syllable types, syllable division strategies, reliable spelling patterns, rules for adding prefixes and suffixes 
  • Fluency: developing automatic recognition of words and fluent oral reading 
  • Vocabulary: study of words, word parts, word origins, and grammar 
  • Comprehension/Composition: strategies for gaining meaning from text and for putting thoughts on paper 

Classes are held twice (see FAQ #1 for more details). Classes are taught by Certified Academic Language Therapists, which is the equivalent of a dyslexia therapist. Classes are kept small for maximum learner benefit. Most students attend classes for a minimum of two (2) semesters.

*Students aged 16 and 17 can be considered for the program pending an interview.

Tuition & Fees 

  • Initial screening: $25 
  • Screening is required before class placement 
  • Class placement depends on reading level and class availability 
  • Free tutition is made possible by generous donors, valued at $1,000/semester

How to Register for Adult Literacy Classes 

  1. Determine if our classes meet your goals. Contact us
  2. Make an appointment for the interview and screening. The screening is several subtests of standardized tests to determine a reading and spelling level for class placement. It is NOT diagnostic testing. The screening takes about 1 ½ hours and costs $25. 
  3. Once we have agreed that there is a class that fits your needs, you will be contacted again the week before classes start.  The official enrollment is the first night of class for that semester.