Specialist Preparation Program Level 1 Requirements

IDA Accredited Program

Neuhaus Education Center’s Tier III program provides extensive coursework and supervised practica leading to certification for teachers and therapists working with individuals with dyslexia and other related disorders. Basic Language Skills is the core curriculum of the program.

Basic Language Skills – Introductory Class includes 12 days of coursework* and supervised practica that includes monitoring of student progress and consultation with teachers. Successful completion of Level 1of this program prepares individuals to become Dyslexia Practitioners.

The Neuhaus Tier III program is recognized by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC), meets requirements for Texas licensure, and meets criteria for membership in the Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA).

*Prerequisites apply.

Neuhaus Preparation Program, Level 1

Dyslexia Practitioner

Successful completion of the first 60 hours of Basic Language Skills-Introductory Class allows individuals provisional acceptance into Neuhaus Education Center’s Preparation Program, Level 1.

Upon completion of Preparation Program, Level 1, an individual is eligible to sit for the Alliance Registration Exam at the teacher level. Passage of this exam qualifies the individual for membership in the Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA) at the Associate Teaching Level, and the individual is eligible to apply to the State of Texas for licensure as a Dyslexia Practitioner.

Dyslexia Practitioners must work under supervision.

Requirements for the Preparation Program, Level 1, are as follows:
 Professional Preparation Requirements85 Hr 
 Reading Readiness- Online 5.5 Hr
 Basic Language Skills – Introductory Class, Book 1A, Book 1B 71 Hr
 Multisensory Grammar – Online 3.5 Hr
 Outside and/or Neuhaus related classes (costs will vary)5 Hr
 Curriculum Teaching Requirements85 Hr 
 Teaching experience is accumulated in two situations. A teaching situation is defined as teaching an individual with a language learning difference and/or small group of individuals with such a difference. Each teaching situation is submitted to the coordinator of the Preparation Program, Level 1, for review and approval. Teaching through Basic Language Skills Book 1 is required.
 Supervised PracticaMinimum of 5 Lessons 
 Demonstrations may be live and/or filmed and are distributed at or near: Book 1: Concept 20; Book 1: Concept 35; Book 1: Concept 45; Book 1: Concept 55; and Book 1: Concept 65.
 Documentation Requirements 
 New Student/Class Report is submitted to describe each teaching situation. Progress Reports are submitted for each teaching situation after each Mastery Check is administered. Progress reports that reflect a minimum of 85 teaching hours are required.
 Professional Development Requirements2 Book Reports 
 The practitioner-in-training reads and summarizes two books listed as teacher references in Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills (Birsh 11).

A practitioner-in-training has two years after first enrollment in the program to complete all requirements.

All Level 1 fulfilled requirements are transferable to the Level 2 Preparation Program.

For further clarification of Neuhaus Preparation Program, please email SPP@neuhaus.org.