Online Certification Program for Dyslexia Specialists (OCPDS)

December 12, 2023 3:49 pm

The Neuhaus Online Certification Program for Dyslexia Specialists (OCPDS) prepares teachers with the knowledge and practices necessary to teach children with dyslexia or related reading disorders. Neuhaus is pleased to offer the pathway to Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist certification through the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI). Instruction occurs in three phases, totaling 16 weeks over 12 months. OCPDS 16-week course outlines are a hybrid of self-paced online coursework, online synchronous class meetings, and practicum. During and after completion of coursework, the program continues with guided studies, book reports, and time teaching to be completed within 24 months. Every aspect of training is aligned with the International Dyslexia Association’s (IDA) Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS) for Teachers of Reading. The KPS explicitly sets forth the knowledge and skills that all teachers of reading are expected to possess to advance students’ reading and writing profiles from a Structured Literacy approach in classroom, remedial, and clinical settings. Participants are guided throughout the program by Neuhaus instructors. Students must complete all requirements and pass the Knowledge and Practice Exam for Educators of Reading Instruction (KPEERI) to receive a certificate of completion. A summative evaluation rubric will be the final evaluation of the candidate. Upon receipt of the Neuhaus certificate of completion, the candidate may apply to IDA’s Center for Effective Reading Instruction.

Reading and Dyslexia Specialists, Tier III Intervention Teachers

150 hours (80 seat hours plus additional program hours over 24 months)

Standards Alignment for OCPDS

Participants must purchase 4 additional textbooks.

Taking Virtual Classes and Technical Requirements