Written Composition: Revision (For CEU credit)

September 17, 2021 9:18 pm

To receive CEU Credit, participants are required to submit a pre and post-writing sample that a Neuhaus instructional staff member evaluates.

This is a program that guides teachers to help young writers with revising their own writing, one of the most difficult tasks in the writing process. The lessons encompass four over-arching areas of revision:





Each of these topics is taught to teachers in short online focus lessons that teach literary elements that can enhance writing, such as figurative language, word choice, voice, character development, tone, and sentence complexity. The task of revising is broken down into discrete components that make the revising process clear, specific, and understandable. Each lesson contains only one focus for revision.

In addition to the online instruction, teachers receive an instructor’s manual to use for teaching these same lessons in the classroom. Each lesson includes reference to mentor texts that are examples of good writing and are specific to the element begin taught. Class discussion, practice activities, and debrief of the practice reinforce the learned element before students return to their own writing and revise.

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