Online Classes

Online Classes
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30-day Class Sessions

Accurate & Automatic Reading - Online*
Close Reading of Increasingly Complex Text - Online*
Developing Accuracy and Fluency - Online*
Developing Vocabulary for Reading Success - Online*
Language & Literacy for Young Learners - Online
Multisensory Grammar - Online*
Multisensory Grammar - Advanced - Online*
Oral Language & Listening Comprehension - Online*
Reading Readiness - Online*
Scientific Spelling - Online*
Scientific Spelling - Part 2 - Online
Unexpected Underachievement - Online*
Written Composition Fundamentals - Online

60-day Class Sessions
Language Enrichment - Online*
Small Group Instruction Modules - Online*
Written Composition: Revision (Not for Credit) - Online*
Written Composition: Revision for CEU credit - Online*

How do Neuhaus Online Classes work?

  • Our online classes are entirely self-paced.  There is no set time that you must be signed in. 
  • If a class includes materials, the cost of the materials and shipping* is included in the cost of the class.  The materials will be shipped via UPS when we process your registration.
  • Each class is broken down into several lessons, with the length of the lesson noted in its listing. 
  • Most lessons are followed by a quiz to reinforce the material covered.
  • You will need to have Flash and Java installed for your browser of choice.
  • Online classes are 30 days long, except Language Enrichment and Small Group Instruction Modules, which are 60 days.
  • Register online and have immediate access to your class.

How can I register for an Online Class?

Need to register multiple participants for a scheduled online class?

  • Print a registration form, fill it out for each person, and mail, email, or fax it with your payment to Neuhaus.
  • Registration and payment must be received seven (7) business days prior to the desired start date.

Looking for where to take Neuhaus online classes?

Sign in at

What is required to take an online class?

  • A Pentium II or faster computer that can log on to the Internet; 
  • An Internet Service Provider (ISP);
  • Valid email address for the participant (all communication occurs via email);
  • Up-to-date browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome;
  • PC users: most recent version of  Flash installed for your browser of choice;
  • Mac users: plan to use the Safari browser or Flash installed for your browser of choice;
  • Audio speakers or headphones plugged into the computer;
  • Access to a printer.

*An additional shipping charge will apply to locations outside the continental United States.