Consumables and Tools

Recommendations for Virtual Instruction

Depth of Oral Language

This chart can be used to demonstrate the idea of words with similar meanings but different intensities. Students can sort these words for “problem” into three piles: big problems, little problems, medium problems.
Open/Download Depth of Oral Language Chart (PDF)


Diamante and Cinquain: Two Poetry Forms for Teaching

These patterns for the diamonte and cinquain poems can support the teaching of parts of speech.
Diamante and Cinquain Patterns (PDF)



Games that support reading skills
Definition Concentration



Identify parts of speech from a picture.



These stroke descriptions aid in the formation of manuscript letters.
Open/Download PDF of stroke descriptions for manuscript letters (PDF)

These stroke descriptions aid in the formation of capital letters.
Open/Download PDF of stroke descriptions for capital letters (PDF)


These stroke descriptions aid in the formation of cursive letters.
Lower Case Cursive Trace and Copy Pages
Cursive Stroke Descriptions 
Handwriting: Letters Grouped by Approach Strokes

This form can be used on your smartboard or as a consumable for handwriting practice.
Open/Download slide for handwriting form (pptx)


Hints from Hailey

“Hints from Hailey” is a series of videos that dives in to each component of Neuhaus Reading Readiness (RR), Accurate and Automatic Reading (AAR), and Oral Language and Listening Comprehension (OLLC). These short video clips are intended for teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators who have already been trained by Neuhaus instructors and are seeking to improve their knowledge and use of Neuhaus curriculum so that students will become successful readers.

How to use Hints from Hailey

Start the Year Off Right!

Accurate and Automatic Reading Videos
  1. Lesson Overview
  2. Lesson Planning Concepts 26-28 (10 mins.)
  3. New Concept Introduction
  4. Decks
  5. Reading Practice Word Lists
  6. Reading Practice Sentences
  7. Word Profile
  8. Read Aloud
AAR Mastery Check Videos
  1. Lesson Overview
  2. Mastery Check I
  3. Mastery Check II
  4. Mastery Check III
Oral Language and Listening Comprehension Videos
  1. Lesson Overview
  2. Lesson Planning Unit 16 (11 mins.)
  3. Naming
  4. Describing
  5. Listening and Questioning
  6. Story Retelling
  7. Card Pyramid
  8. 5W Cards
Reading Readiness Videos


Scientific Spelling Videos
  1. Overview and Planning (7 mins.)
  2. Introducing a Pattern
  3. Introducing a Rule
  4. SOS
  5. Analyzing a Word List
  6. Irregular Words

Instructional Charts - small

These small versions of the classroom charts are sized for use with small groups of students. All of the files below are sized for 8.5 in. by 11 in. cardstock. The Neuhaus instruction these are used for include: Accurate and Automatic Reading, Basic Language Skills, Language Enrichment, Multisensory Reading and Spelling, Reading Readiness, Scientific Spelling, Structured Handwriting, and Written Composition.


Basic Language Skills Schedule
print on white cardstock
Describing Hierarchy chart
print on orange cardstock
Language Enrichment Schedule
print on white cardstock

W.O.W./Copying chart

(Watch Our Writing/Copying)
print on light blue cardstock
S.O.S./Dictation chart
(Save Our Spelling/Dictation)
print on light green cardstock

L.L.P. chart

(Listening Learning Posture)
print on canary yellow cardstock
Accurate and Automatic Reading Schedule

print on lavender cardstock


The Layers of English

This display is a visual for teaching the history of English and the languages that contributed to English as it is today.
The Layers of English - Blank chart


Mastery Checks - Accurate and Automatic Reading


Mastery Checks - Basic Language Skills


Mastery Checks - Language and Literacy for Young Learners


Mastery Checks - Language Enrichment


Mastery Checks - Reading Readiness


Naming Screening and Benchmarks


Question Starters for Deeper Thinking

These are examples of question starters that encourage students to delve more deeply into what they have read and make deeper connections. These question starters were compiled by Elizabeth Sledge, and based on research by Benjamin Bloom and Robert J. Marzano.
Open/Download pdf copy of Question Starters


Rapid Recognition Chart Generator

Enter a list of six words, letters, sounds, or Final Stable Syllables, and generate 5 Rapid Recognition charts to use with your students. To use the Rapid Recognition Chart as an assessment, time the number of student readings of the chart within one minute.
Open/Download Rapid Recognition Chart Generator (Requires Microsoft Excel)
Save a copy: right click on the link and select save as...


RTI Powerpoint Slides for Presentations

This presentation on the history and purpose of Response to Intervention are for use by teachers and administrators for professional development, courtesy of Mary E. Dahlgren, Ph. D.


RTI pdf's for Teachers and Administrators

Practical and "do-able" strategies for meaningful screening, meticulous progress monitoring, and rich resources for effective intervention were taken from the workshop, Really Terrific Information on Response to Intervention, Mary E. Dahlgren, Ph. D., at Neuhaus Education Center, July 7-8, 2010.


Scaffold Cards for Independent Reading

After students have developed good metacognitive thinking skills for reading, question generation guided by these cards and careful teacher modeling can aid independent reading in both narrative and expository text.
Scaffolding Cards for Narrative Text
Scaffolding Cards for Expository Text


Silly Cats are O.K.

Silly Cats are O.K. is a mnemonic for the elements of a story. Use this fun form to help your students summarize any narrative.


Spelling Word Analysis Chart

Word Analysis Chart for analyzing spelling words for regularity, irregularity or those that follow spelling rules


Spelling Inventories

Use these inventories to analyze the spelling needs of students.
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grades 6-9


Spelling Inventory Class Rosters

Use these rosters to record your class spelling data.
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grades 6-9


Stories for Making Inferences

Have students guess the missing sentence and practice using clues for making inferences.
Stories for Making Inferences


Story Map

The Story Map offers another method for summarizing narratives.


Story Retelling Pictures

Ready-made pictures to print or show in a powerpoint to accompany retelling activities in The Colors and Shapes of Language
The Colors and Shapes of Language I
The Colors and Shapes of Language II
Ready-made pictures to print or show in a powerpoint to accompany retelling activities in Developing Metacognitive Skills
DMS - Pictures for Retelling Stories


Story Retelling Rubric

Rubric for evaluating story retelling


Syllable Division Steps

Use these steps to guide syllable division and help students read longer words with ease.


Text Complexity

Use this guide to evaluate text complexity of both literary and infomrational text so that you can scaffold student understanding of complex text.


Word Bingo

Enter a list of 24 words and generate 22 unique bingo cards and a scrambled list of your words. Great for word origin and parts of speech practice. Word Bingo is an activity in Multisensory Grammar.
Open/Download Word Bingo Card Generator (Requires Microsoft Excel)


Word Profiles

Word profiles including syllables, phonemes, letters, graphemes, syllable types, origin, derivatives and figurative language can be used with the passages from Practices for Developing Accuracy and Fluency or as a guide for general vocabulary building.
Word profile form for in depth study of words and keeping your own personal dictionary


Words for Webs

This is a list of suggested semantic webs, multiple meaning webs, and derivative webs to be used in conjunction with stories in Practices for Developing Accuracy and Fluency. Print the Word Web Wizard , and use it with web forms from Developing Metacognitive Skills.


Word Webs and Charts

Semantic Web
Derivative or Multiple Meanings Web
Connect Correct Collect Chart
Alphabet Arc/Alphabet Strip
Matching Mat